In today’s world, internet is flooded with information. And it is quite overwhelming for a newbie to find the right resource. At least that is what i went through. There were plenty of articles with the same thing over and over again. I couldn’t even find a single articles that really helped. And it left me with so many questions. 

So, i’m sharing few thing below which might help you with your journey to become a better designer. 

Here are few simple habits that will help you improve your designs.

1. Design exercise

As a painter paints quick speed paintings, rough sketches and studies. Every skill can be learnt through these simple exercises.

Be prolific. Ignore the details. Do quick designs. Lay down your ideas as quickly as possible. This improves your imagination and creativity which is crucial to become a good designer. You must do few dozens of these quick designs before you can create a masterpiece. After a month or so, pick a design and work on the finer details and content. 

Believe me it’ll be the most fulfilling experience as a designer. It is every artist’s dirty little secret,  which they will never reveal to the world. 

Later on, pick a topic you think you need to work on. 

For example: Typography. Do typography exercises. 

If you think you lack enough skills to work with colors. Try creating color schemes and do simple designs using colors. 

There are plenty of things that make a good design. Explore. Experiment. Play with your design. 

Have fun. And in no time, you will improve drastically. I got this idea from my digital painting hobby.

2. Studies

Browse designs, collect them in pinterest or any folder. Soon you’ll have tons of designs of your own  taste. Designs you like best. And for any artist or designer, you gotta have aspirations. What you want to accomplish. Study those designs. List what you love about them. Is it typography that you like in the design? Or is it the unique page layout? List them out. 

Now try to add those features in your own design. Remember only the right practice makes perfect. 

It’s easy to get into bad habits of getting caught up details too early in the design process. If possible sketch it out in paper before even sitting in front of your computer. And before sketching, try to visualize what you want your design to look like. The colors, the look and feel, the mood. 

3. Copywriting

This is the topic most of the designer ignore when it comes to improving your design. You have to have a clear idea of what your design is about. What you want your audience to notice in a first glance. What your audience is looking for? Which of the words are you going to highlight in your design. You have to have a complete content before even start your creative process. If you’re not good at it. Get someone to write the content.

4. Read about art & design

Last, but not the least, you must read about the basic design principles and theories about what makes a good design. There are tons of youtube videos now, which goes deep into the individual topics.

5. Design trends

After you develop a serious skill, you must keep yourself up to date with the new design trends. New design trends will only equip you with new tools and elements to play with. You will grow your visual library with new design trends, which you can implement in your own designs.

With these simple practices, i’m sure you will improve your design skills in no time. I know there are plenty of other things to do to improve your designs, but these are the ones which helped me the most in my early days. 

I’m you have your own experience with the learning. Make sure you share it in the comments below. It’ll be very helpful for the beginners.

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