A blog is a common tool to connect with your targetted audience and establish yourself as an industry leader. Blog is a regularly updated online journal sorted in order of a recent date often called “web log” in its earlier days.

Blog is a website or a part of your website with a journal frequently published with fresh content maintained by one or more people.

A piece of blog is not very different from any other article.

Usually a blog is a regularly updated part of the website.

It often covers fresh topics. That’s why the published and last updated date is very important for blog readers.

A blog post can be an opinion or reaction about an event, product, or anything.

There used to be more personal blogs than commercial blogs back then. Now all the personal blogging has moved to social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc. Now it’s used by almost every business with a website as it attracted huge targeted traffic.

Google loves fresh contents, which is why blogs drive traffic to your website.

Your blog can cover anything about your business or the industry.

Blogging has become a full-time business for so many. They make money publishing ads, earning commissions from other businesses, etc.

But, as a business, you can grow your business instead of referring to other businesses. The idea is to provide interesting and helpful content to your audience around the topics in your industry. Eventually leading your targetted traffic to your products and services.

Why blog?

I will try to list down all the possible answers to why you should blog as a business.

Educate your audience about your industry

Use your experience and expertise to let your audience know what’s best for them. Let them know about latest trends, news and updates related to your products and services.

You’re helping your audience to solve their problems and make better choices by writing a blog. You will slowly develop a relationship with your potential customers with free content. It will help you gain their trust and eventually convert them into your customers.

Drive free traffic to your website

Informative and useful content in your blog will drive free traffic to your website without having to pay for ads and promotions.

Things you write in your blog are indexed by search engines and discovered by people looking for it. It sounds simple but it’s not that easy. But not impossible too. It is also termed as “content marketing” by digital marketers.

Free content drives free traffic.

Set yourself as an industry leader

Showcase your past works or a product

A blog can be an excellent way of letting people know about your accomplishments and past works. You can write a thorough case study about how you helped your client solve their problem.

Write about what your product features are and how they can be useful to your customers.

In this way, you are likely to meet people with similar problems too. And obviously they’re going to need your expertise in the future.

Sometimes you can genuinely help your potential clients figure out and solve their problems.

Helps you keep track of your own progress

Having a proper record of your updates and events about your business online will obviously help your readers. But sometimes it helps you more.

Writing a blog about your business forces you to re-evaluate your business and your products. It becomes a process of self-assessment. In the long run it will help you keep track of your own progress as well.

Create a useful resource

You will be doing a favor to a community around your niche by creating a useful resource in your industry which will help many in years to come. It’s like giving back to your community.

For example, I can list out the best free SEO tools i have used in my 10+ years of experience as an SEO in just 10 minutes. And the list will obviously be a very useful resource to many who are looking for free SEO tools.

Blogging is fun

Keep all the benefits of having a blog for your business aside and it’s still fun!

To write a blog for me is to make a statement. To get your article published is an amazing feeling. You desire to be heard. And knowing that your article or post could be read by thousands of people like yourself subconsciously fulfills your need to be heard.

There are even bloggers who blog just for the sake of blogging. Because it is fun! Sharing your opinion, story, and knowledge sometimes helps you grow.

And if you want to keep it interesting you should often blog about what you want to say instead of always writing posts people are looking for.

And of course, your journal can help many make smart decisions in your area of expertise. Getting a nice comment in your blog thanking you for sharing your knowledge is a priceless feeling.

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